~ Winter 2021 Offerings ~

The Comics Lab: Comics & Visual Storytelling

Length – 6 Weeks
Tuesdays (4pm – 5pm) (EST) *
Session I: January 19 – February 23
Session II: March 2 – April 6

Students will dive into the process, tools and technique for creating their own comics stories and characters. They will learn how to use different text/image relationships, expression, sound effects, layout and panel structure to bring their stories to life. From writing through sketching to inking, students will follow the unique process of comics to tap into their own creativity and explore new exciting ways to tell stories.

*Note* This class is offered through Dorchester Center for the Arts, in Maryland. So east coast timing for this one. (1pm-2pm PST)

In recent years I’ve been spending more and more of my time as a teaching artist. Working with kids, teens and adults on different ways to tap into their creativity, expand their skill set and tell their own stories. My classes range from comic book illustration, figure drawing, screen printing, mini zines making, murals painting and more. I am passionate about visual language as an empowering means of self expression and am excited to share my experience with students of all ages and backgrounds.

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